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The Magic Balloon is a passenger carrying helium balloon, with a steel tether cable anchored to the ground.

Capacity 5 passengers
Diameter 14 meters (45 feet)
Volume 1,350 cubic meters (47,500 cubic feet)
Maximum Altitude 152 meters (500 feet)


The balloon is made in the USA by AeroBalloon Company. Our Magic Balloon was thoughtfully designed by the AeroBalloon engineering team which has decades of experience in the civilian and military airship, aerostat, and hot-air balloon fields.

AeroBalloonEach balloon’s component is designed, built, inspected and tested under the strictest quality controls. Envelopes are manufactured in partnership with a U.S. airship and aerostat manufacturer. The same plant also builds all military airships and aerostats for U.S.- based Bosch Aerospace.

  • Envelope

Magic Balloon’s spherical envelope retains a traditional balloon appearance. The specialized fabric provides zero porosity, optimum strength, and minimum weight. The automated ballonet system equalizes internal pressure and maintains the balloon’s spherical shape during variations in temperature and atmospheric pressure.

  • Internal lighting system

The balloon is brilliantly illuminated against the night sky, displaying the balloon’s artwork even after the sun sets.

  • Net

The net surrounds and securely holds the balloon, bearing the entire load from the envelope down to the winch cable. It is hand built using high-tensile polyester yarn. Each diamond is through spliced for maximum strength. The net gives a romantic, traditional balloon look.

  • Gondola

The gondola for the Magic Balloon is a traditional hot air balloon wicker basket certified for up to 5 persons.

  • Tether cable

The tether cable is a specialized, grease impregnated Dyform high-tensile wire rope. The cable is 22 millimeters in diameter and has an ultimate tensile strength of 45 tons, ensuring a safety factor greater than ten.

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The Magic Balloon is nonpolluting, environmentally friendly, quiet and safe.

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