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Home Delivery Food Service

From June on we deliver food made by our cooks directly to your home.
So, if you want to have our wonderful pizza or another dish, but something prevents you from visiting our restaurant, calling us at 09-88-643424 is enough.
It will take our cooks around 30-40 minutes to prepare your order, and our staff will deliver it to you. You can choose food either from our menu or from the list of special dishes. If you want to change the dish in some way (for example, you want pizza without tomato sauce), feel free to write or call us by phone.
Delivery is free of charge within a 10 km radius of Magic Balloon Park (which is roughly whole Hua Hin town).

Call us at 09-88-643424, place your order and enjoy great food from Magic Balloon Restaurant!

You can order a cake for a celebration (or if you want to simply have something tasty together with your nearest and dearest). Choose and enjoy!

Thank you very much!

Kitchen is open 12:00-20:00

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