Charity event in the Magic Balloon Park.

On Saturday, August 16, 2014 Magic Balloon Park entertain 30 children from the orphanage.
We live in such a strange time, we do not see people, we do not participate and do not help his neighbor.
We live for our self only. We think that charity is for somebody, not for us, we don’t care!
When we were approached by the organizers of the charity event to help children from the orphanage, we gladly offered event in Magic Balloon Park.
We offered for children to spend one day in the Magic Balloon Park.
The children enjoyed playing on the playground, running around the park.
The most popular was trampoline!
Older children had a competition in our adventure Kids Park.
But! The main event was a master class of cooking pizza.
We have prepared the tables on a huge summer terrace Magic Balloon Restaurant.
30 children same time rolled, put toppings and decorated their pizza.
How happy they were to get their own ready pizza! Such a delight!
I want to mention respectful and grateful attitude towards adults for these children.
I would like to say very big Thank you to a kind people who accompanied the event.
I’d like to in the future all of these children become happy, kind, successful people! We very much hope that the day spent in the Magic Balloon Park will remain in their hearts a ray of light that will guide them through life.
Once again, many thanks to the organizers of this charity event.
Magic Balloon always participated and will participate in charity events.

Your Magic Balloon Team.
MD Mrs. Anna Chudovska