What is the Magic Balloon?

The Magic Balloon, Hua Hin’s highest attraction, is a spherical helium-filled balloon with a gondola that carries 20 passengers. The balloon is tethered by a high tensile steel cable, the balloon flies to a height of 100 meters to provide a breathtaking panoramic view of the Gulf of Thailand and surrounding mountains from what is now the highest public observation point in Hua Hin.
Where is the Magic Balloon located?

The Magic Balloon is located in the beautiful place not far from the city centre of Hua Hin (4 km). For details, see this page.
Is the Magic Balloon illuminated at night?

Yes. At night the balloon is brightly illuminated to glow like the moon, creating a “romantic ambience” for passengers.
Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased at the Magic Balloon ticket office.
How long is the average ride time?

An exhilarating Magic Balloon flight high into the air lasts, on average, for 15 minutes. Tethered to the ground with a steel cable, the Balloon rises 100 meters into the magical silence of the skies, opening up a whole new perspective on the land below. All flights are dependent on weather conditions and may be cancelled at short notice.
What if the cable breaks?

The simple answer is that it won’t! The cable has a breaking strain in excess of 45 tons. This is compared to the maximum lift exerted by the balloon of just 2 tons. After taking into consideration the weight of all the equipment and the passengers, the balloon is actually only left with an upward pull of approximately 1/2 ton. Thus, the stress on the cable is in fact very small.