Park & Kids Park

A marvelous park with spreading trees gives shade and cool. Here children can run and play with safety. Kids Park was specially designed for teenagers – it’s the park in the style of Tarzan and Indiana Jones. There is a trampoline, jump ropes, animals, and sandpit with toys for children. Our staff has oversight of your children while you’re taking a rest in our park.

We have constructed a number of photo-points – the fantasies of different countries. You can try the Russian winter, the Pharaoh’s sarcophagus, the wings of Icarus; or become a Viking, visit Brazil festival or just take a picture with a panda on the Great Wall of China.

Magic Balloon Park provides free Wi-Fi. You may share impressions online.

Promotions or contests take place in our park almost daily. Subscribe for news on our website and follow us on Facebook!