A balloon filled with helium is a unique attraction located in the South-West coast of Thailand in this part of Asia. It combines extremes, safety, romance and fun. The balloon can carry up to 20 people!The balloon is filled with helium and is completely secure. It operates in the mode of “vertical flight”, i.e. up and down as an elevator. All passengers, who are in the basket, are fastened with special belts to safety lanyards. All flights are insured. We ensure our best efforts to make your adventure fun and to the safest extent possible.Enjoy your impressions! Take excellent pictures and share them with your friends! Leave your feedback on our Facebook page and at Trip Advisor, take the title of mayor in Foursquare and gain one of the numerous prizes we prepared for you.
The most interesting photos and videos will be rewarded!
Evening ascension and flights at dawn give a great deal of feeling. It’s the most romantic time!
You may purchase ticket as a present or order a personal ascension, for example, to make a lovely expression or an offer of marriage.
You will be taken up in the air in a balloon filled with helium.
You fly up in the air as the balloon is filled with helium, an inert and inflammable gas, so it’s completely safe.
The height is 100 meters over the ground, so you can enjoy the mountain slopes view and the sea view.
The balloon is firmly anchored to the ground with a steel cable, which has a more than ten-fold safety factor.

Admission fee is

  • Kids Ticket
    One Ticket
  • 300 THB
  • 6-12 years
  • SignUp
  • Kids
    One Ticket
  • Free
  • 1-6 years
  • SignUp

You can buy the balloon flight tickets at ticket offices in the territory of Magic Balloon amusement ride. If your flight is canceled due to bad weather conditions, we guarantee 100% money back or a rescheduled flight.

Please, call us to get the information about available flights.