Charity event in the Magic Balloon Park.

Charity event in the Magic Balloon Park.

On Saturday, August 16, 2014 Magic Balloon Park entertain 30 children from the orphanage.
We live in such a strange time, we do not see people, we do not participate and do not help his neighbor.
We live for our self only. We think that charity is for somebody, not for us, we don’t care!
When we were approached by the organizers of the charity event to help children from the orphanage, we gladly offered event in Magic Balloon Park.
We offered for children to spend one day in the Magic Balloon Park.
The children enjoyed playing on the playground, running around the park.
The most popular was trampoline!
Older children had a competition in our adventure Kids Park.
But! The main event was a master class of cooking pizza.
We have prepared the tables on a huge summer terrace Magic Balloon Restaurant.
30 children same time rolled, put toppings and decorated their pizza.
How happy they were to get their own ready pizza! Such a delight!
I want to mention respectful and grateful attitude towards adults for these children.
I would like to say very big Thank you to a kind people who accompanied the event.
I’d like to in the future all of these children become happy, kind, successful people! We very much hope that the day spent in the Magic Balloon Park will remain in their hearts a ray of light that will guide them through life.
Once again, many thanks to the organizers of this charity event.
Magic Balloon always participated and will participate in charity events.

Your Magic Balloon Team.
MD Mrs. Anna Chudovska

Shuttle bus to the Magic Balloon Park

Dear Friends! Many people would like to join our every Friday life music event in the Magic Balloon Park.
We understand that our place is little bit far away from the city center and main road
Dear friends! Nothing can stop you now! We send our bus route Magic Balloon Park – condo Breeze – Magic Balloon Park.
The bus leaves the park at 17:00, coming down the track 3218 and Soi 70 to Pechkasem, turns right and goes over it with stops infront of each Condominium (2-5 minutes) on his way to The Breeze condo.
After that, bus will go the same way back.
If you want to get into our bus you can signal by hand.
Trip to the park and from the park is absolutely free.
If you have a large group (13 people), you can call us and book a shuttle to the park for free.

First day of Autumn in the Magic Balloon Park

Dear friends!
We would like to invite you to spend the first day of Autumn (Friday August 1st) in the Magic Balloon Park.
Our famous BBQ meat will be served for you this evening.
Menu: Lamb chops, pork chops, pork, grilled vegetables, beef Kebab, Pizza 3 Toppings and Salads.
Traditionally, we offer special prices for alcohol drinks. Unforgettable romantic music from our duet Deja Vu.”
Come to enjoy romantic music and delicious food!
Magic Balloon Park, Friday August 1 beginning at 18:30.

Friday evening in Magic Balloon Park

Dear Friends! Enjoy your Friday evening in Magic Balloon Park.
The best romantic duet in Hua Hin. Maria and Chris will entertain you with popular songs of 80th.-90th
The Best from our restaurant team. Our Ukrainian Chef will impress you with special menu:
– BBQ Plate. (BBQ Lamb, pork ribs, pork, vegetables with our special sauce)
– Doner Kebap ( beef)
– Kebap Plate (beef, chips, vegetables)
– Pizza 3 Toppings
– Salmon Salad
– Tomato Mozzarella with pesto sauce
– Mixed Salad
See you on Friday, 25th of July. Reservation is needed.


Shooting with Kris

Television again

These are the amazing guys who came two weeks ago. As far as I get it, they are simply travelling around Thailand and film different places “for food”. Their program is very popular. And the source material is too.

Camera crew visit

Today morning, except the guests going on a balloon trip, Channel 3 camera crew visited us.
First came the ”air-brigade” equipped with a drone, GoPro cameras and other amazing featured gadgets.
The weather was fine, and the balloon was hanging calmly in the air together with a drone filming it.
The main crew came two hours later.
Despite little bumpiness (a weak wind started blowing) the filming was successful. We all are waiting for the result.
TV start Chris made a group photo together with our crew and gave them autographs. Thanks a lot!
By the way, the previous visitors from TV uploaded their amusing video on YouTube. Check it out in the next news article.

Cooking class on Saturdays

Amusing cooking classes take place in Magic Balloon Park every Saturday.
Children like to help their parents about the house. They truly enjoy cooking good-looking and nutritious food in a real restaurant.
This Saturday children were making biscuit dough and decorating it with fruit slices and toppings. While their cakes were in the oven, the children were having fun with the entertainer in the park. Two hours pass by very fast with action games, quizzes and contests.
If you would like to join our amusing events, follow the news on our website, Facebook page or subscribe to e-mail or RSS mailing list.